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National Open Art Competition 2017

Mrs Clare entered some of our children's art work into the National Open Art Children's Competition. 

The gallery were really impressed with the talent, creativity and inspiration behind the work that they had received. These children's art work were selected to be displayed on The  Art Gallery's website and each child received a certificate - Jenson Team 7, Naomi Team 8 , Mona Team 8, Oliwia Team 9 and Dorothy. 

These children: Abeesha, Ahmed Team 3, Jack Team 9 and Mathew Team 7, were selected for the 1st ever National Open Art Children's Exhibition in the Art Gallery itself!!

They stated that there were a high number of entrants and for all the children to  have come this far is a great achievement. A statement that we thoroughly agree with!

If you would like to view the children's artwork then please visit

Well done to all of the children that took part and a big "THANK- YOU!" to Mrs Clare for all the wonderful artwork that is done with the children. 


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