At Charlestown Primary School we have rewritten and developed our curriculum which reflects and embeds our new values and visions. We have written it with our children in mind - providing challenging and ambitious opportunities, whilst understanding the needs of our community. Through our learning threads, we embed values and develop a love for learning. 


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At Charlestown, we want our children to be curious, adventurous and aspirational learners and responsible, respectful and safe citizens, so we constantly reflect on our learning opportunities to provide the best possible education for all children.


We have also adopted the Manchester bee to reflect our commitment to hard work, resilience and working together. It is also our belief that children should develop and embrace a strong sense of community identity and the Manchester bee aptly represents the wonderful sense of character and unity that this wonderful city has. We want children to be proud of Manchester and their local community and therefore our new curriculum provides amazing opportunities to embed this through the thread of 'Identity'.


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