At the heart of our curriculum is the aim that all the pupils should feel cared for, valued, healthy and safe.

We work hard to build the children’s confidence, self esteem and aspirations through the design of the curriculum and the integration of co-operative learning structures and assessment for learning into lessons throughout the curriculum.  These approaches are centred round the development of the pupil’s personal learning and thinking skills in order that they make the best possible progress, gain skills for lifelong learning and develop a good understanding of themselves as learners.

The curriculum reflects our aim to engage, excite and motivate our pupils in order to maximise their learning potential.

.Since September 2015 the children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have been using units from the International Primary Curriculum. The units of work cover a range of the Foundation Subjects and are linked to the National Curriculum. Our school community is changing and growing rapidly and we use the International Primary Curriculum to enable our children to gain a wider experience of the world around them, to look at and learn about different places and cultures through a wide range of exciting themes and topics. Each theme in the International Primary Curriculum has an international link.

We aim to help our children to:

* Have a good sense of identity

* Be open-minded and adaptable

* Be respectful of other cultures and beliefs

* Be aware of and celebrate similiarity and diversity

* Be a good communicator

* Have respect for the ideas and opinions of others

* Take and interest in global issues

Science and Computing are taught seperately from the IPC curriculum.

Learning is often shared with parents and the wider community at the end of a half term. Recent examples of this have been through a video montage, an exhibition of children’s work at Parent’s Evening and class assemblies.

Pupils are actively encouraged to take ownership of their learning, evaluate the progress they are making and work with their teachers to agree their next step/targets.

Parents are encouraged to be part of their child’s learning and the school encourages parents to share learning experiences with the children in and out of school by: inviting parents and carers into classrooms at least once a term; running workshops for parents and children; providing Research Journals for  homework and providing times and opportunities for parents/carers to come into class and read with their child.

Our aim is that the curriculum will be relevant but fun for all those involved in it and to develop children's skills and mindset to become global citizens who make active , positive contributions to society.

The IPC adds an international aspect to the curriculum whilst reinforcing British Values through it's eight personal values that are developed through the curriculum:

The personal values are:

* Enquiry

* Adaptability

* Resilience

* Morality

* Communication

* Thoughtfulness

* Co-operation

* Respect

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