Home Learning


At Charlestown, learning both in school and at home is an important part of our children’s development. When learning at home, Charlestown Primary School deliver this through the child and user friendly website and app, Seesaw.





The Seesaw Learning Platform is used in Charlestown for:

  • Weekly Homework
  • Remote Learning during a bubble closure


Every week, your child’s class teacher will assign a piece of homework for your child to do on Seesaw. To access this homework, simply log into the platform using a computer, tablet or phone. You will then see your homework task in the ‘activities’ section.


Remote Learning – Bubble Closure

In the event of a bubble closure, all your child’s daily learning will be uploaded onto Seesaw. During this time, you will be expected to log into Seesaw daily and complete the tasks your teacher has set for you. These will then be marked by your class teacher and you will receive feedback. To access this remote learning, simply log into the platform using a computer, tablet or phone. You will then see your remote learning tasks in the ‘activities’ section.


How to access SeesawAll children have been given a paper copy of their login and parents have been emailed an electronic one. If you do not have a login for this platform, please contact the school as they will be happy to help! If you need support logging in and using Seesaw, please watch the video at the top of this page. 


Remote Learning – Individuals Isolating

In the event that your child is off school for isolation, but their school bubble is not closed, they will be required to complete their learning remotely at home. This will not be on Seesaw but instead they will have access to an ‘Isolation Pack.’

To access this pack, please download it from the tab ‘Isolation Packs’ and select the relevant year group for your child. In the pack, your child will have access to English, Maths and Wider Curriculum learning to complete whilst at home. 


Remote Learning - PSHE during Isolation




As well as the Isolation Packs, children also have access to a bespoke PSHE curriculum that they can access and complete whilst isolating. This work can be done alongside the Isolation Pack. To access this pack, please download the correct school phase from the tab, Isolation Pack - SCARF at Home. 

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