Medical cards are on the way!

As part of our continued focus on attendance we are reintroducing appointment cards for every child in school.   No medical appointments during school time will be authorised without a stamped or signed medical card.  These cards are designed as an alternative to a doctor’s note which some G.P s do charge for.


We are asking all parents and carers to take this card with them whenever their child has an appointment at the dentist, GP surgery, opticians, hospital etc.  The card must be stamped or signed by either the medical practitioner or the receptionist at the surgery.  The card should then be returned to our school office so that any absence can be authorised. 


Below is a copy of the appointment cards.  Actual cards are available from the school office.


All GP surgeries in the Moston and Blackley area have been informed of this initiative.  Should you have any problems please contact me.


Can I also take this opportunity to encourage you to make appointments outside of school time whenever possible. Taking your child out of school means they are missing important pieces of their education and will have to work hard to catch up with any work they have missed.  We understand that it isn’t always possible to get an appointment during weekends and evenings.  If your child has an appointment during the day we ask that you still bring them to school before and after so they can get their attendance mark and miss as little learning time as possible.


Thank you for your cooperation and continued efforts to get your child/children in school on time and every day.


Yours Sincerely




Caroline Morrison

Home/school Liaison Officer

Attendance Support Worker