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Information for Parents / Carers

We have put information on this page that we feel is relevant for parents and carers. Other information such as Statutory Information that school's have to publish on their website is also included here. Other statutory policies and guidance can be found under the section 'Statutory Information.' 

This section includes such information as the School's last Ofsted Report, SAT's results and other statutory information.

If you feel there is anyting else we need to add to this page then please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Please use the link below to access information about year 2 (Key Stage 1) and year 6 (Key Stage 2) SAT's tests.

Below is a tmetable for year 6 (Key Stage 2) SAT's tests MAy 2016. It is really important that your child is in on time and has had a good nights sleep before the SAT's tests.