Equality and Diversity

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At Charlestown Community Primary School we aim to ensure that we follow the key priciples for equality:


Principle 1: All members of the school community are of equal value and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Principle 2: The school recognises, respects and values difference and diversity.

Principle 3: The school will promote British Values.

Principle 4: The school fosters positive attitudes and relationships.

Principle 5: The school observes good equalities practice for all members of staff.

Principle 6: The school aims to reduce and remove inequalities and barriers which may already exist.

Principle 7: The school will consult and involve widely in relation to equality issues.

Principle 8: The school will address bullying and prejudice motivated incidents.

Principle 9: The school fosters a shared sense of cohesion and belonging and intends that  its policies and procedures should benefit society as a whole.

Staff have also attended Equality related training which will be used in school. Training on unconscious bias has also been undertaken to raise awareness around decision making and equality. 


To ensure we follow these 9 principles, we have produced an Equality Plan with the following objectives:


1. To narrow the gap between pupils who are disadvantaged and those who are non-disadvantaged in the core areas of the curriculum.

2. To review the school curriculum to ensure that it reflects the changing diversity of the school community.

3. To review and enhance the successful induction programme and support for pupils who arrive at school with English as an additional language and / or who are identified as International New Arrivals.


If you want to find out more about Equality and Diversity, here are some useful websites for you to look at:


Equality Act 2010 Guidance:


UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child


Disability Rights


Anti-bullying Alliance



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