eSafety Learning

At Charlestown, we hold eSafety sessions once every term, in classes which parents and carers and invited to attend. We thank all those parents and carers who are able to attend the sessions.

It is really important that the children learn to stay safe whilst using the internet, as the world is becoming more digital.

Below are some of the quotes the children made after previous eSafety sessions:

"We made eSafety posters to keep us safe."

"I liked it when the parents came in and we made eSafety posters. I learned that we're not allowed to talk to strangers."

"When something strange comes up on your computer you have to tell a trusted adult to get it off and delete it."

"Before you click, click, click you need to think, think, think and tell someone."

"I've learned that you can get emails from games asking where you live but you shouldn't tell them and you should let a trusted adult know."

"We shouldn't talk to strangers in games because they might ask where you live, your email address, what school you go to. If a stranger asks you questions in a game don't answer them and tell a responsible adult."

"If something pops up saying you've won a prize you should ignore it and tell your trusted adults."

"You need to be 13 or over to join most of the Social Media sites. If someone sends you a mean email you should tell a responsible adult and they should deal with it."

"I enjoyed the eSafety lesson becasue it gave me interesteing facts and told you stuff you shouldn't do online!"

"If you're online and people ask you questions like, your age and what school you go to you shouldn't answer and should tell your trusted adults."

"If you get a worrying feeling in your tummy, that "uh-oh feeling", you should tell a trusted adult."


We look forward to seeing even more parents/carers at our next eSafety session.

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