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At Charlestown Community Primary School, we believe that all children are readers irrespective of their level of ability. We think that reading should be an enjoyable, rewarding activity for all. 

We also recognise that reading is a complex skill which develops gradually alongside spoken and written language of young children. We therefore reach reading using a range of strategies and approaches, including synthetic phonics, guided reading and storytime.

Reading is a partnership and we value all the parental support children receive: it is very important that children read at home to an adult and that they are sent to school with their reading book and diary each day.The reading diaries are a great way for parents to communicate with teachers about how each child is reading at home. The reading book that a child is sent home with is aimed at a level which they can read independently to an adult and enjoy reading.

Books which are at a higher level are used in the children's guided reading sessions in school as these are used to further develop the children's reading skills.

Listening to your child read:

There is a real difference with hearing your child read and listening to your child read. it gets harder as they get older as well! Knowing what questions to ask, how to advise and what you should be looking for in terms of developing their reading and using reading as a way of developing a really strong grasp of English which they will need to do well in the next stage of their education.

Watch the video below to find out why dads should read with their children!

Have a look at the web addresses below to see some tips on hearing your child read at any age. Remember what we want to develop most are confident readers, who love language and develop a lifelong love of reading.



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